Extracting metadata from Windows Property System – Part II

In the first part of the article we have defined all the necessary interfaces and related API methods for extracting metadata from Windows Property System (WPS). In this part, we will put those definitions to work by extracting data in a simple WPF application. Before we dive into more code and the code gets complicated […]

Extracting metadata from Windows Property System – Part I

Windows Property System (WPS) encapsulates potentially dozens of metadata entries for shell items. Some of information provided from these entries can be observed by right clicking on the column header in detail view of Windows Explorer and selecting the desired properties. Depending on the particular item, these entries can range from ‘Number of audio channels’ […]

CodeBlock for WordPress

CodeBlock is a free WordPress plugin that enables visitors to copy (programming) code to their clipboard with a single click. It features: A simple lightweight plugin in with no dependencies; the whole package consist of a PHP, a JavaScript and a CSS file (1.92KB) Makes use of short-codes Works with stylized code. That is it […]

Extracting shell icons and thumbnails (WPF)

** Requires Windows Vista / Server 2008 or above. Introduction of IShellItemImageFactory interface in Windows Vista greatly simplified icon and thumbnail extractions. This article will explain the process of extraction using C# and WPF. Windows API Declarations We first need to declare the IShellItemImageFactory interface and its associated flags & struct: We will make an […]

Naked Tin WordPress Theme

Naked Tin is a free mobile friendly responsive WordPress theme based on Underscores. The theme was inspired by the WordPress Twenty Nineteen theme. Much emphasis was placed on the clear layout to ensure focus on textual content and readability. Additional features include: Use of system fonts only Built in support for Google Analytics Three layouts: […]


Tagless is a free windows application that removes APP and COM tags from JPEG files. Tagless is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License for both non-profit and commercial use. Download Download Tagless 1.0 for Windows Vista/7/8/10 What are APP and COM tags? APP and COM tags are blocks of supplemental information found in […]


HookSur is a free windows desktop application for remotely controlling PowerPoint presentations using a Microsoft Surface Pen’s top button. Download Download HookSur v1.1 Quick start No installation is required; just unzip the package into a folder of your choice and launch the application (see the last section of this page if you encounter a Windows […]


Duplicide is a free windows program for finding, deleting duplicate files and empty folders. Duplicide employs CRC32 and MD5 algorithms to detect duplicate files. In addition, it gives you the option to compare two files byte-by-byte. It is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License for both non-profit and commercial use. Download Duplicide 1.3 […]